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קרא עוד

"The last post"

Zuri Victor Dabush

"Well, I'm the boy...

The boy who walked barefoot in the fields, who picked an orange and ate straight from the tree,

who made a scandal in the neighborhood, who rode the bicycle with the can in the wheel,

In the morning, when everyone is asleep, sharing chocolate and buns with friends,

Gathering wood for the fire when Mother called:

'Come home already neighborhood boy!'

The boy who dreamed non-stop, and when life came,

The dreams go into the drawer.

Is this the final version?

The last post is a story...

Yifor on a broken norm, abouta person whose soul wandered between the paths of success,

The failure, the pain, the love and the relationship in the path of life.

A story about our relationships with ourselves and those around us, and how

aperson can change his life if he only believes.

The last post is a book that gave your life a little pinch of

Faith, endless girl inspiration, take you out of your own limits,

and if you really want, with all your heart - to start a new path in your life, a path

Thatis called "you".

Tzuri Victor Dabush, 40 years old and father to Liron, is a poet, writer, lecturer and moderator.

Workshops for self-acceptance, writes to heal the heart, caress the scars, touch,

to change.

The last post reveals the story behind the posts and the hundreds of words

which he wrote on the networks and which touched masses of people.

Immersive and full of insights, tips and a practical work guide. This is his first book which unfolds his inspiring life story, through a life journey

"Blessed is the brave man who embraced his shortcomings, strengthened his heart

And his faith and finds strengthbetween the possibilities and the shortcomings."

Zuri Victor Debush